Orangutans of Borneo

The trumpets of Pygmy Elephants sounded and long calls from Orangutans answered, rope bridges secured over troubled waters, a priceless corridor of old growth trees protected amidst jungles of newly planted palms, offering a small glimpse of what once was.

Acres Saved

In 2012, together with many other World Land Trust supporters, we helped buy and protect rainforest in Malaysia. Why? We love orangutans and hate to see them made homeless. We see the need for palm oil, but think companies should source it sustainably – just like we do our coffee. In 2012, Malaysia also joined the long list of countries now serving Puro and we love where possible to link countries to important projects.

Help save Orangutans and rainforest in Malaysian Borneo through World Land Trust’s special appeal.

Located in Malaysian Borneo, in the North of the island. View in Google Maps

Borneo Rainforest Map