Puro Compañero

Good things come in pairs; a harmonious marriage of Arabica and Robusta beans, where soft, sweet and fruity meets earthy, bitter and nutty, combining to form a powerful yet smooth cup.

Coffee Profile:


Uganda, Peru & Honduras

Coffee Type:
Fairtrade, Organic & Shade Grown
% Arabica
% Robusta


KCFCS or Kibinge Coffee Farmers Co-operative Society is a coffee farmers organisation located 150 km south-west of Uganda’s capital Kampala, in Bukomansimbi District, Kibinge sub-county. The special geographic position of Kibinge, just below the equator, allows coffee to be harvested twice a year. This region ordinarily produces some of the finest Robusta coffee in the world, with hard beans, which give an even roast and a mild, soft, sweet and neutral taste. The coffee is grown at 1250m above sea level and hand picked from May until September and then again from October until January.

Cooperativa Agraria Norandino formerly CEPICAFE, are found in the region of Piura, coffee here is grown at 1800m above sea level by 6,600 smallholder producers who hand pick the beans in June-October, wash, clean by hand and then sun dry their harvest.

COCREBISTOL are positioned in the west of Honduras in Santa Teresa. Coffee here is grown at approximately 1400m above sea level by 72 smallholder (18 women and 54 men) producers who hand pick the beans between December and February, wash, clean by hand and then sun dry their harvest.

NB. Climate change, harvests, politics, economics and many other factors demand that from time to time we need to also source coffee from other Fairtrade certified co-operatives in these countries.

Puro Fairtrade Coffee:

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