Eva brings young people and children on educational tours through the Puro reserves, helping them to learn more first hand about nature and conservation. She conducts biological monitoring activities like the installation of trap cameras in the forest to identify local wildlife species. And she coordinates the technical assistance activities of the Puro Coffee Takeover Farm: pruning to maintain effective shade cover, de-weeding, fertilising with mountain microorganisms, applying lime to stabilise the pH of the soil, helping with the harvest and sending updates from the field to the current custodian of the farm.

Eva, Rainforest Ranger

“Being a rainforest ranger gives me the opportunity to enjoy pure air, tranquility, scenic beauty, see the mountain streams run full of clean and abundant water, admire the rich biodiversity of the tropical cloud forest. In these times of pandemic, it is a privilege that millions of people living in urban areas cannot access: the enjoyment of continuous forest baths that contribute to the strengthening of my immune system due to exposure to phytoncides released by trees.”


Puro Ranger since:
January 2021

Responsible for:
Black Handed Monkey Reserve
Cinnamon Colibri Reserve
Coffee Takeover Farm