Used coffee grounds are perfect for naturally attracting and absorbing odours. It is essential to first dry out the grounds in order to avoid mould forming. This can be done by spreading them out on silver foil and leaving them for a few days.

In order to deodorise a fridge, decant the used coffee grounds into an old plastic margarine tub and poke holes in the lid using a needle. Place the tub inside the fridge and it will act as a natural deodorant for up to a month. After a month simply re-fill with more dried used coffee grounds.

In order to deodorise cupboards or a wardrobe, you can place the used coffee grounds inside an old pair of tights, and seal them inside with a knot. Again this will look to deodorise for up to a month.

Disclaimer: Puro will not be held accountable for any used coffee mishaps. Please check with your local carpenter, DIY expert and fridge supplier before using used coffee grounds for this purpose.

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