Sustainable packaging

FSC paper

Puro boxes are FSC certified and carry the FSC MIX Packaging for responsible sources logo.
In addition, the heat-sealed envelopes used around the tea bag are made of FSC paper.

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. FSC is an international organisation dedicated to forest conservation and responsible forest management worldwide. FSC’s mission is to restore and protect forests. When FSC forest management takes place, a healthy forest is alive.

Healthy forests are prerequisites for a good liveable climate on earth. Forests have an important position in combating climate change. The disappearance of forests worldwide leads to 15% of all CO2 emissions.

According to FSC, responsible forest management is when the ecological, social and economic aspects of forest management are taken into account in a balanced way. To this end, 10 FSC principles are used. These principles deal with the preservation of biodiversity and the working conditions of people working and living in the forest.

An FSC forest is a forest that is protected and managed. For example, an FSC forest may not be converted to a soy or palm oil plantation. That is why FSC is a good tool against deforestation.

PEFC paper

All tags used on the Puro tea bags are made of PEFC paper. PEFC stands for Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification. PEFC is an international label for wood and paper. The international PEFC label guarantees that paper products are of sustainable origin. Like FSC, it is an important tool against deforestation.

According to PEFC, sustainable forest management is using forests in such a way that the biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity, vitality and potential of forests are maintained now and in the future so that forests continue to fulfil ecological, economic and social functions and no damage is caused to ecosystems.

Recycled paper

The outer boxes used to package and transport Puro tea boxes are made of recycled paper.

Unbleached tea bags

Unbleached filter paper is used for Puro’s tea bags. The tea bags are knotted, so no staple is used to attach the tag. The tea bags are biodegradable but the disposal guide differs per country.