Teaguela Puroana (Puro orchid)

Whilst trekking within the Puro Ecuador Rainforest Reserve in November 2007, a representative from Puro together with Lou Jost, a world-renowned botanist, discovered a new tree species. This tree was later named Blakea attenboroughii after Sir David Attenborough (a patron of WLT) in celebration of his lifetime effort in matters relating to land and wildlife conservation.


A series of other discoveries have since been made, and several new orchid species and 1 new frog species – all previously unknown to science – have been recorded within the Puro reserve. One of these orchids has been officially named Teagueia puroana in honour of Puro. Lou Jost has stated that the Teagueia puroana orchid is a member of one of the most remarkable plant radiations in the world, and that the Puro reserve is proving to be a real treasure-trove of biodiversity.


For centuries the scientific naming of species has traditionally been used to recognise contributions to biology and Miko is thrilled to have both their Puro Fairtrade brand and worldwide client base (whose purchases make this all possible) honoured in such a way by the WLT and community of scientists.

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Puro Orchid Photos

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